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'Keep Troy Honors' is an advocacy group comprised of Troy (MI) School District Parents & Community Members that seek to retain English and Math Honors level courses in the Troy School District for Grade 6-10 (Pre-AP) students. Specifically - we are asking the Troy School Board to 'Vote No' on the 2023-05-16 Middle School Math Curriculum Change proposal.

We believe there are flaws in both the discovery and analysis TSD has performed in evaluating this curriculum change. Collectively, we've produced a data supported analysis that refutes TSD's 'Detracking' approach that is intrinsically linked to their proposal.

Ultimately, we contend there is merit in adhering to the historical precedent of enabling advanced students to coalesce in a group of their grade-level peers in an Honors-level course (which often has more depth/breadth in its curriculum), versus TSD's proposed approach in having a student test-out and matriculate to an entire subject matter grade-level advancement.

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